About Us


GACO was founded by Oliver Foster-Pollard, a fellow PPL holder who flies out of Leicestershire Airport, with the aim to give aviators the option to "fly green" by offsetting the CO2 emitted as a result of flying. By targeting the general aviation industry, we can accurately calculate emissions, which not only helps the environment more, but helps to make carbon offsetting as cost effective as possible for both individuals and organisations.



Because we love it...


Whilst we offer fantastic environmental benefits, we also aim to increase the social benefits within General Aviation by offering flying scholarships and experience flights to those are passionate about our core values. Being fellow pilots ourselves, we aim to award yearly scholarships to individual aviators through an application process, to allow pilots to progress to the next stage in their flying.

Environmental Benefits

Trees are one of our greatest assets in the fight against climate change; not only do they naturally absorb carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen in its place (which is carbon sequestration), but they also support 10 of the 17 UN sustainable development goals, including; poverty alleviation, zero hunger, gender equality, life on land/below water, health, and wellbeing. 

Commercial Benefits

Whilst there are obvious environmental benefits to tree planting, there are also hidden commercial business benefits that operate alongside. This includes:


  1. Improved Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance

  2. Improved Customer Engagement 

  3. Better annual reporting

  4. Better brand acknowledgment and recognition

  5. Great marketing material

  6. Improved employee engagement


Our Partners




Omega Aircraft Sales


GACO and Omega Aircraft sales are pleased to announce they have partnered up so that every aircraft is sold with 5 hours of carbon offsetting through certified worldwide tree planting projects to sequester carbon. The move aims to encourage those who sell aircraft to operate in a more sustainable way and to make aircraft owners aware of the initiative. Every new owner will receive a certificate of offset with the aircraft sales documents to encourage them to continue offsetting their flying over the years to come. 



Stein Pilot Insurance


Our partnership with SPI consists of offsetting 50 hours worth of flying emissions for each client that takes out an insurance policy



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Leicestershire Aero Club


Our partnership with the Leicestershire Aero Club consists of offsetting all the flying emissions from the flying school by planting a mixture of 25% of the trees in the UK and 75% of the trees worldwide.